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Meet The Team

Dave Candra

A certified fitness coach and personal trainer for 8 years, Dave was a health and fitness enthusiast since a young age.  With a certification from the National Personal Training Institute, Dave started out as a one-on-one personal trainer and fitness coordinator. After 4 years of individual training and leading teams of trainers to help clients achieve the best results possible, he decided that he could help more people by incorporating the addition of group training. After 4 years as a group fitness coach, Dave decided to take a leap and open Forever Fit.  With the vision to create a community that fosters life long fitness success, Dave has built Forever Fit to empower individuals to be their best.

Emily Heil

Emily has been in the wellness profession for 8 years. As the Club Manager, a Fitness Coach, Pilates Mat instructor and Personal Trainer she enjoys being around people and pushing them to their limits. She excels in connecting to people and understanding their needs. She is concerned about each person's fitness goals and overall well being. Emily goes to many lengths to encourage people and reach out to them and make sure they are achieving their goals and getting the results they deserve. With a Bachelor's Degree in Health Promotion and Wellness she strives to help others become their best selves in all dimensions of their life. Emily says, "Wellness is a life long journey - not a short term destination. You will have ups and downs but it's the positives in your daily life that you need to focus on to get you where you want to be. "

Noël Herman

Noël is a certified Nutrition Coach and is working toward her Personal Training and Glute Training Specialist certificates through the International Sports Sciences Association. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication from UWSP.

Noël believes that fitness is for everyone and has a passion for helping others become healthier and more confident. With so much conflicting health information in the media, her goal is to come alongside people on their wellness journeys and educate them- giving them the knowledge and helping them create the habits they need to achieve success.

Dare to Be...


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