Meet The Team

Dave Candra

A certified fitness coach and personal trainer for 8 years, Dave was a health and fitness enthusiast since a young age.  With a certification from the National Personal Training Institute, Dave started out as a one-on-one personal trainer and fitness coordinator. After 4 years of individual training and leading teams of trainers to help clients achieve the best results possible, he decided that he could help more people by incorporating the addition of group training. After 4 years as a group fitness coach, Dave decided to take a leap and open Forever Fit.  With the vision to create a community that fosters life long fitness success, Dave has built Forever Fit to empower individuals to be their best.

Mitch Fromm


Heather Eichenberg

Heather started group fitness training with Dave in January of 2014. She developed a passion for group fitness since it was the first time that she was able to achieve great results, keep them, and have a lot of fun in the process. Heather took a particular liking to cardio based boot camps. With support and encouragement from her coach, Heather joined the team and began writing & coaching her own Cardio Mania camp in March of 2017.  Outside of the gym, Heather is a wife, mother of 2, a full-time Registered Nurse, and a part-time student. 

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